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313Aerospace manufactures military
contactors/relays over 50A and
military solenoids, primarily used in
the ground/mobile power arena.

313Aerospace manufactures military relays over 50A (MIL-PRF-6106) and military solenoids (MIL-S-4040), primarily used in the ground/mobile power arena. 313Aerospace also performs value added work.

313Aerospace is not a distributor. We custom-design parts to your specifications to fit your schedule. We can start with specifications and drawings or reverse-engineer parts.

313Aerospace is a small, woman-owned business.

We have worked extensively with the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) and various distributors purchasing our QPL and 1st article-tested parts for build-to-print drawings owned by the military.


Some of the applications/vehicles that use our parts:

AM General Corp's 5-ton M939 Series Truck
BAE's Bradley Fighting Vehicle System
Boeing's B-52 Strato-Fortress (in-air fueling)
Boeing's FA-18E Hornet Aircraft
Boeing's E-3A F AWACS Aircraft
Textron Armored Security Vehicle Model XM1117
GDLS's Abrams M-1
Lockheed's P-3 Orion Aircraft
Northrup Grumman's Nimitz Class CDN (Aircraft Carrier)
Raytheon's Hawk Radar Set (ANMPQ-55)
Lockheed's C-5 Galaxy Transport Plane
Lockheed's P-3 Orion Aircraft

Other Platforms
Shipboard for material handling equipment (MHE)
Catapult/arresting gear

For more information contact us at:

604 Danley Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33907