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Who We Are

Started in February of 2004, 313Aerospace is a
culmination of long time dream to run a
business, made possible by the acquisition of
technical knowledge and expertise for
designing Contactors/Relays. Contactors/Relay
design is a niche market with few competitors.

A History of Customer Service
313Aerospace has a central focus on excellent customer service. One of the ways we show our commitment is by making customer deadlines our priority. Since its inception in early 2004, 313Aerospace has maintained a track record of complete on-time delivery with all customers.

We maintain a 99% quality rating and a 100% delivery rating with the DLA, the Defense Logistics Agency.
We are able to match production volume of larger competitors using an outsourcing business model. This model allows multiple other customer service benefits:
  • It allows us to keep our size small, which lets us move quickly to respond to customer needs.
  • It allows us to floor plan our inventory and keep incidental expenses low, so we can offer competitively priced products
  • It makes it easier to integrate our processes with our customer’s processes.
  • It allows us to adeptly improve products and processes.
  • Production volume can be adjusted quickly by altering the level of outsourcing. Production depends on the complexity of the product, but the current level of outsourcing, we can easily accommodate a volume of 500 units a month. We have accommodated orders of 1500 units.

For more information contact us at:

604 Danley Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33907